Please see below the fee structure for the RCS accreditation activities as approved by College Council.

UK Accreditation

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award


Local Event
(where all participants are internal to the organiser)
Not for Profit Event
(all or some participants are external to the organisation)
For Profit Event or Not for Profit Event where commercial products/technology promoted


An event or training organised by an NHS Trust for surgeons and nurses who work for that NHS Trust

An event or training organised by an NHS Trust or Association where participants are surgeons and nurses who work in other parts of the country

An event or training organised by a For Profit company or involves commercial products and technology

CPD Award Fee




Please note that the not-for-profit and for-profit fees are determined by the nature of organisation submitting the application. Therefore, to qualify for a not-for profit fee, the not-for-profit organisation should be leading the application and communication with the College.

Course Accreditation


Not for profit

For profit




A course organised by a surgeon or not for profit organisation where the fee covers the costs of the course.

A course organised by a surgeon or organisation where the fee is set to generate a profit or involves commercial products and technology.


Accreditation Fee paid every three years

(includes logo usage, RCS website and Bulletin listing and monitoring)






* This will include any travel and accommodation expenses for the visiting panel, which will consist of up to two surgical QA panel members and one QA staff member.

Fellowship Approval (RCS Senior Clinical Fellowship Scheme)


Not for profit / NHS
funded posts

For profit / Industry sponsored posts


Accreditation Fee paid every three years






* The fees might be subject to change for extra monitoring if more than one fellow is recruited simultaneously or for any additional extracurricular programme. In this case, an extra charge of £250 p/Fellow or extracurricular activity will be applicable.

HEI/Degree Programme Accreditation

Accreditation and Monitoring Fee (includes logo usage, monitoring of feedback, listing on the RCS website and in Bulletin)

£3,000 per year

Additional cost

Review expenses (travel, accommodation, etc)

* This excludes a £450 fee for each surgical member of the visiting panel, for each day of the visit, to cover their leave from the trust. It also excludes any travel expenses and accommodation that are required.

Surgical Education Centre Accreditation

Annual Accreditation Approval Fee –  including rights use of logo, listing on the RCS website

Fees based on application

Additional costs (in year one)

Review expenses (travel, accommodation, etc)

* If more courses are run, the fee will be based on the exact number of courses. If an Accredited Centre plans to introduce a new surgical course during the accreditation term, then the Centre will need to inform the College at least two months prior to the first intake of the course(s). The course will have to undergo the College Course Approval mechanism. The charge will be in accordance with the Course Approval fee structure.

If you have any queries about the fee structure please contact the Quality Assurance Department at qa@rcseng.ac.uk or or call the following Departments:
Centre and Course Accreditations - 020 7869 6118
CPD Accreditations - 020 7304 4776
Fellowship Accreditations - 020 7869 6772

International Accreditation

Fees based on application. International fees will be charged on a case-by-case basis, using UK rates as a baseline, and reflecting any additional cost due to the natuere of the event or activity being accredited, as well as local economic conditions.