Monitoring Higher Education / Degree Programmes

It is a requirement that the organisers of any College Accredited Programmes comply with the College's monitoring processes.

It is a requirement that the following information be provided at the end of each academic year, for each accredited programme:

  • A copy of the External Examiners Report.
  • A summary of the student evaluation of the programme
  • A summary of any other annual programme monitoring that took place during the period such as a review of both the academic content and quality management of programme.

The above information will be reviewed by the College's Quality Assurance Operational Group on an annual basis. It will also feed into any re-Accreditation application at the conclusion of the Accreditation term.

As part of the re-Accreditation event, it will also be a requirement that up-to-date copies of the student handbooks and the course programme specification forms be provided to the Quality Assurance Department. A summative report will also be required for each accredited programme which covers any amendments that have been made to the programme during the accreditation term, such as changes to the following areas:

  • Curriculum Content and Structure
  • Programme Aims and Objectives
  • Learning and Teaching Strategy, including a summary of any changes to the programme staffing structure
  • Management and Quality Assurance processes
  • Assessment processes

The report would also need to contain details of any planned review or amendments to the Programme in the future.

Monitoring Fees

To cover the costs of the online monitoring processes, the College will charge a nominal fee at the end of each year of the Accreditation. Details of the fee can be found on the Accreditation Portal at