Monitoring requirement for International CPD Accreditation

It is a requirement that the organisers of any College Accredited event comply with the College’s monitoring processes.

As part of the application for CPD Accreditation, there should be a clear statement outlining how the organiser will conduct an evaluation of the activity. A well-defined quality assurance process is integral to receiving CPD accreditation.

Event organisers applying for CPD Accreditation of an event for a second time will be required to submit feedback from the previous event along with their application. Event organisers who have not received CPD Accreditation from the College in the past, but have run the event previously and have feedback available will be required to submit this as part of their application for CPD Accreditation.

It is a requirement that for each event accredited, the post-event evaluation be made available to the College upon request. The College also reserves the right to send a representative to review any event that has received accreditation.