Monitoring Surgical Education Centres

It is a requirement that the organisers of any College Accredited Surgical Centre comply with the College's monitoring processes.

All surgical courses run by the centre will need to comply with the College's course monitoring processes. These are two-fold:

1) Course Participant Feedback

It is a requirement that participants of Accredited courses evaluate their educational experiences shortly after the conclusion of the course via the College's online evaluation platform SCOPE. The College will provide detailed guidance and a link to the online evaluation form which will include both general and course-specific questions.

2) Course Faculty Feedback

The Course Tutor and/or members of the course faculty will be required to provide a report to the Royal College of Surgeons Quality Assurance Department at the end of each year of the Accreditation period. The report should detail how the course has run over the previous 12 months and should critique the Learning Outcomes; Learning Materials; Teaching and Learning methods; Facilities and Resources; and Assessment methods. The report should also detail any planned changes to the course such as changes to the programme, content, learning outcomes, faculty, location, or duration of the course.

The feedback received will be reviewed by the College's Quality Assurance Operational Group on an annual basis. It will also feed into any Centre re-Accreditation application at the conclusion of the Centre Accreditation term. A report including the participant feedback from each course will be provided to the accredited centre to assist the quality management and enhancement of each course.

If an Accredited Centre plans to introduce a new surgical course during the accreditation term, then the Centre will need to inform the College at least two months prior to the first intake of the course(s). The course will have to undergo the College Course Accreditation process. The College reserves the right to withdraw Centre Accreditation if the Centre continues to run a course which does not meet the standards required by the College.


As part of the re-Accreditation event, the accredited centre will be required to provide a summative report covering the performance of the Centre over the accreditation term. It will also need to detail any organisational, institutional or structural changes to the Centre during the term, including changes to the following areas:

  • Learning environment
  • Organisational structure
  • Quality assurance processes of the centre's provision
  • Overall educational portfolio
  • The report would also need to detail any planned review or restructuring of the Centre in the future.

Monitoring Fees

To cover the costs of the online monitoring processes, the College will charge a nominal fee at the end of each year of the Accreditation or Approval. Details of the monitoring fee can be found on the Accreditation Portal at